Aerobic dancing involves moving your legs in fast steps. Aerobic dance can help you to lose weight. It produces the same weight loss effect as other exercises such as walking, swimming and jogging. It is estimated that your body burn 200 – 400 calories in half an hour. If you perform aerobic dancing, your body will be kept in good shape. Aerobic dancing can be performed by both men and women.

This type of dancing can reduce you daily stress. If you often feel stressful after a hard day work, you can consider performing the aerobic dance. It is recommended that the aerobic dance workout for 30 minute. After the aerobic session, your stress will relieved and you feel more relaxed. By performing the aerobic dancing regularly, your self esteem will improve. It can also be performed to suppress depression feeling.

This type of dancing can help to maintain your high blood pressure. It can lower the bad cholesterol level and increase the good cholesterol level in your body. It ensures good blood circulation and prevents the plaque from building up in your arteries. Besides, it can help to curb the diabetes type 2, and a number of cancers. Aerobic dancing makes your bone strong so that you are less vulnerable to osteoporosis. Senior people should perform aerobic dancing to lower the chances of bone loss.

This type of dancing increases your overall energy level. During the aerobic session, you will breathe in more air and oxygen through the vigorous physical activity. The oxygen and nutrients will be delivered to your cardiovascular system.

This type of dancing can help you to have a better sleep. If you find it hard to sleep, you should not take sleeping pills. Instead, you should perform the dance. Regular aerobic dancing will help you to fall asleep in a short time. When you exercise, your body will fall asleep faster. In addition, it can also help you to sleep for a longer time. It is best that you perform the aerobic dancing in the morning or afternoon. You should not perform dancing near to the bedtime. Performing aerobic dance near to bedtime will cause you to feel too energetic and unable to sleep.

This type of dancing is a type of social activities. In the aerobic classes, it is performed along with a group of participants. During the aerobic session, you can socialize and develop social ties with other participants.