Home remedies for hangover are countless. Just about every culture has specific recipes and ingredients to minimize the consequence of drinking too much. But this time I will uncover a bunch of cures typical for American and European culture. Frozen worms aren’t going to relieve your headache, aren’t they?

There are just two most common reasons causing hangover symptoms: dehydration and toxins. So the first step to cure hangover is to prevent it. Drink lots of pure water (not carbonated!) while partying. Water is the most effective way to keep your organs at the normal state. Of course it means you will have to visit the bathroom a bit more often than you’d expect, but this is the dilemma: either you curse yourself in the morning or drink water in the evening.

Toxins are harder to fight, but if you stick to the following advice you’ll feel a lot better afterwards:

  • Don’t just drink. Eat something, preferably greasy. Stuff your stomach with food that fills you up. It will prolong the time needed for the alcohol to reach body organs.
  • Choose only one drink and do not mix it with anything. Avoid cocktails and coolers.
  • Clean drinks are known to cause less hangover symptoms. Ironically, they have less flavor which is exactly what people like alcohol for.
  • Allot at least several hours for sleep. If you finish partying ar 4 a.m. and you have to get up at 7, not a single remedy in the whole world will help you.

In the morning, you feel awful. Nausea, tremor, heartbeat. Some of the home remedies for hangovers will sure wake you up.

  • Green or red tea with no sugar makes your stomach feel better. Drink a couple of cups. Tea contains important microelements that help to remove toxins from the cells.
  • Make a banana milkshake. Bananas cure hangover quite effectively because they contain potassium.
  • Honey is a popular organic hangover cure. The amount of amino acids and nutritive substances found in honey makes it a No. 1 remedy. Eat one or two teaspoonfuls each 5 minutes for about an hour, and you’ll find yourself a lot more active than you expected.
  • You still have to eat something. Salted cucumbers or cabbage is a popular hangover remedy in the Eastern Europe.
  • Beer has always been among the common cures for hangovers. A brewed drink contains vitamins and nourishes organism.

Curing hangovers is most effective when prevention is followed by reasonable consumption. Home remedies for hangover are not universal, they only help to cover the symptoms.