Swine Flu Virus in Mexico City Is Serious to the United States

As if Mexico City did not have enough problems with the water shortages, riots and the drug cartel wars, now they have to deal with Swine flu (H1N1virus), which has already caused 200 deaths. Mexico City officials closed down the schools, hospitals, and libraries, as well as cancelled some 1000 public events.

If this Swine Flu continues it will close more businesses and government agencies, there is no choice, but to try to prevent it from spreading. If it gets much worse it could cause massive hysteria in the street and perhaps a mass exodus of city. The officials are trying to prevent panic, but many are leaving the city alreafy.

The first week of the swine flu was discovered 20 people had died, and if it spreads it will also wind up in the United States. In fact there have been cases already in Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Kansas, and New York. Luckily, Roche Industries company, told the media that Tamiflu does prevent it, so expect sales to skyrocket and expect them to run out.

Global health officials at the World Health Organization are very concerned so is the United States CDC, which has sent people to Mexico City to help the Mexican government. Mexico City is one of the worst cities to have a breakout because it’ has such a dense population.

As you’ll recall a few years ago scientists and health officials at the WHO were worried about bird flu, of course this is just as bad because it is amongst the family of influenza flu, and so far 10{f19aa3268e0de58f68955454d58a1a58d35e804fdb04b2f57dd6dc7aad4ec259} of the people that have gotten it have died said one official. This is very serious.