Sexual Health Tips: Boost Suspense With Better Foreplay

Many couples fall into sexual routines, including regimented foreplay, which can really dampen the excitement that ought to come with sex. But the goal of foreplay isn’t simply to get a partner erect or wet – or, at least, it can be so much more than that, and partners would do well to capitalize on the massive potential of getting not only physically primed, but mentally fired up for sex. Since sexual health is a key component of relationship health as well as individual wellbeing, beefing up one’s foreplay skills is a worthy endeavor.


Before engaging in any kind of foreplay, even if it’s “just” verbal, a man should know that his partner is comfortable with what he’s about to dish out. Don’t just jump into super dirty talk and strong language without knowing that the partner is not only tolerant of, but really “into” it. The goal is to stimulate, not push boundaries.

Start Apart

The first step is to divest oneself of the idea that foreplay begins and ends with physical contact. A lover’s hot spots can be accessed through the mind – and are best accessed in that manner for building sexual suspense leading up to the big event.

Consider beginning foreplay while at work or otherwise apart from one another. Well before meeting up, revel in imagining and fantasizing. And most importantly, share! A man can make a phone call, send an email or shoot a text during his lunch break to let that special partner know just how much he’s been thinking about her [x], or just how badly he wants to do [x].

Continue in Public

Perhaps the couple is meeting friends for dinner; maybe a mundane trip to the grocery store is in order. Partners can find a way to sauce up these public occasions. It doesn’t have to be anything extreme. A simple brush of the thigh under the dinner table or a suggestive glance when she picks up that zucchini could suffice. He can let her know he’s thinking of her in a sexual way and anticipating what is to come.

Give a Countdown

Once finally alone together, don’t just drop the verbal element; words can continue to amplify the experience for her. A man can keep building suspense by giving his partner a “countdown” of sorts. As they snuggle, kiss, caress, etc., he can tell her he’s going to do her favorite thing to her, whatever that may be, in two minutes. As the touching ramps up, continue the countdown. “One more minute… ” and so on. She’ll be buzzing with anticipation, and the experience of her favorite thing will be heightened. And since the ears tend to be a sensitive area for many people, whispering words into a lover’s ear between licks and kisses can bring this suspenseful speech over the top – and one’s lover along with it.

If a couple has taken to heart the importance of mental engagement for sex that stays exciting in the long-haul, they may find an increase in their activity. And while the importance of verbal play should not be underestimated, it also mustn’t overshadow the need to take care of one’s body as well. Keeping the penis protected against chafing and desensitization from rough and/or frequent use is crucial for any man, and using a penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is a good way to go about it. Equipped with natural moisturizers and neuroprotective acetyl L-carnitine, Man1 Man Oil hydrates the penile skin, keeping it smooth and supple, while maintaining nerve sensitivity. Healthy skin and nerves are imperative for function and pleasure in the long-run, and a quality skin care product is one way to promote both.