Sexual Health: 3 Preferred Macrobiotic Methods of Contraception

Have you been practicing macrobiotics and started to wonder about how it impacts your sex life? We’ve got all the secrets you ever wanted to know about macrobiotics and sex, but were afraid to ask.

It might surprise you to learn that many relationship challenges can be linked to poor contraceptive choices. Along with eating healthy and adopting a macrobiotic lifestyle, choosing the right method of contraception can create heightened pleasure and intimacy in your partnership.

The kind of contraceptive you use impacts not only your physical and sexual health, but also the spiritual closeness of your relationship. To enhance intimacy without taking pills or drugs, choose one of these three contraceptives:

1. Condoms

Most birth control methods are artificial and will produce harmful side effects. Some types of contraception, such as vasectomy and intra-uterine devices, can even disrupt the flow of electromagnetic energy in the man or woman and cause serious long-term health consequences. For that reason, it’s important to choose a technique that is less invasive and healthier for everyone concerned, while still ensuring safe sex.

Condoms are the safest of the non-invasive methods of contraception, especially for women. However, if condoms contain spermicidal lubricant, there may be some irritation in the vaginal walls. Another drawback of condoms is the way they act as an artificial barrier, causing some decrease in sensation that can interfere with energy flow and exchange.

2. Diaphragm with Spermicidal Jelly or Cream

A diaphragm with spermicidal jelly or cream is a safer method of contraception compared to the long-term health issues related to the pill. However, it does have health risks, so this method should be reserved for sporadic use. Chemical toxins found in spermicidal gel can be absorbed through the vaginal walls and into the bloodstream, causing undue stress to the liver and other detoxifying organs. Because these agents can also create allergic reactions, douching with warm salt water after use can help reduce vaginal irritation.

3. Natural Birth Control

Natural birth control is the least dangerous for your health, but it’s also the least reliable. This method is dependent on knowing the exact date of ovulation and avoiding intercourse for a few days before, during, and after the time you’re expecting to ovulate. A macrobiotic diet makes it easier for any woman to establish a regular 28-day cycle, rendering this an easy form of birth control.

Sperm have the ability to fertilize for two days, but can survive in the womb for up to 14 days. This is not a guaranteed method of birth control, but contraceptives all involve some degree of risk. From a macrobiotic point of view, this method promotes the highest degree of sexual intimacy and physical health.

Building a strong, vibrant, intimate relationship requires a very love-conscious take on macrobiotics. What’s most important in your relationship is love, which can be nurtured through sex as well as other forms of intimacy: touch, open communication, honesty, and support.