More and more individuals are looking for a reputable and free of charge work at home opportunity. This is especially true of today seniors. Health care costs, living expenses are both on the rise as we all know. Living on a “fixed” income is no longer an option for many senior citizens. Some have taken to working part-time outside the home while others have looked into working from home on the Internet.

Senior citizens bring a unique and much looked for commodity to the Internet business community…experience. While many seniors are not comfortable with the computer, all are quick learners.

One of the major concerns I have when advising other seniors about working online is how to tell a scam from a legitimate work from home business. This particular concern is not something just senior should look out for but anyone who wants to work from home.

Who wouldn’t want to work part-time for a full-time income? Anyone would! Some of the so-called companies will make promises of making large amounts of money within a short period of time. Beware of the company who makes this promise and then asks for you to pay something in advance for a listing of companies that are hiring at home workers. You should ask yourself “why do they need money up front?”

This doesn’t mean that if a company asks you for money up front that it is a “scam”. Remember the old saying “Buyer Beware”? What are they offering for that money, just a list? Anyone can have a list, doesn’t mean the list is up to date or that the companies are legitimate companies. I could make a list right now of company names, addresses even phone numbers and then sell them to you for $49.99 with no guarantee the list is accurate or legitimate.

How do you tell if it is a scam? What do you get for your money? Is there training? How about a money-back guarantee? Is there someone on the other end of the phone line who is knowledgeable about the product? Is there support should you need help? These are the questions I ask when searching for work from home businesses to promote. You should ask them also.

Listed below are a few pointers for the person who wants to work from home to consider:

  • Unlike offline work time limits and deadlines are of your choosing, not someone else
  • The World Wide Web has made available a global marketplace or market through immediate marketing communications.
  • The Internet is called the World Wide Web for a reason…it has made the world a global marketplace. Unlike never before in history the market is open 24/7 in all cultures, regions of the world. Instant communication with the marketplace is now possible.
  • Product sales aren’t essential for good results.
  • How many products you sell is no longer essential to growth. Making your quota every month is no longer an issue.

Affiliate marketing programs are free of any charges and they will usually provide step-by-step methods on how to use the programs to make money online.

Google AdSense and 7Search both incorporate successful marketing and advertising methods at no cost to you. You simply place their ads on your site and when someone clicks on their ads, you get paid. Payment amounts vary depending on the advertisers.

Another method (which is the method I use to make money online) is to promote affiliate marketing programs through different marketing companies. I then place their links on my website and am paid when someone purchases a program.

Websites do not have to be expensive or hard to make. Some hosting companies will offer both domain names and hosting services for as little as $4.95 a month. You can download a free HTML editor and design your own website using a free website template available on the Internet. Or if html scares or confuses you…try a blog. You can get a free one at You can use your own domain name if you want.

A work at home business does not have to be expensive, hard or unattainable in today’s marketplace. It just takes patience, a willingness to learn new techniques, and a few hours a day!