In society today, and the way we as humans live, health care is a very important factor that we all MUST have in our lives. There are many people out there today who do not have health care and live life day by day and never even stop to think about the risk or consequences they could one day face. They may be many reason people do not have health care insurance but one thing is for sure. It defiantly has a lot to do with the cost.

How much do we spend in Health care?

We spend $2.2 trillion a year for health care, and everyday 14,000 Americans lose there health insurance, causing those with pre-existing medical issues unable to obtain medical insurance. This is one of the main reasons why so many people have to end up filing for bankruptcy. They are already predicting that health care costs will double in within the next decade.

Why is health care so expensive?

I think the real question is, why is everything so expensive? Well the economy is changing and it costs more to make certain things, which causes the costs to be on the rise. In the past 5-6 years basically everything has been affected, and the health care is one of the most affected issues, because it is a necessity to us as humans in order to afford to pay for accidents or issues that arise with our body.

How to better afford to pay for it:

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