Don’t Want Monthly STD Testing? Practice Risk Ridden Sex and Lower Your Risk For an STD

If you plan to engage in an active sex life then understanding the risk factors involved and knowing how to minimize your sexually transmitted infection bracket potential is important. Learn about how modifying sexual behavior while still enjoying a healthy sex life can help you keep your life disease free.

A lot of people rush into sex without considering the responsible aspect of protecting oneself from the health risks involved with unprotected intercourse with a or multiple partners. More often than not people who contract sexually transmitted diseases are either unaware or carry out unsafe sex practices which increase their exposure rate to diseases such as HIV, Gonorrhea, and others.

Understanding the concept of safe sex avoids the need for regular STD testing. Better yet abstinence is the best prophylaxis for avoiding sexually transmitted diseases but in today’s sexually charged environment the concept of keeping away from sexual encounter seems almost impossible if not improbable. Like any form of behavior sexual encounter and practice comes with risk, if not considered carefully one may fall victim into health risks associated with careless sexual acts such as becoming infected with a sexually transmitted disease. That is why it is important for you to have a regular check-up with STD clinics.

There is no such thing as risk ridden sex; the goal is to fully understand the risk each sexual act has and choose which ones are acceptable enough and not to take. Remember that for every sexual normative behavior comes a risk factor, even if it means engaging in these acts by you, with one or multiple partners.

If you go to an STD testing center you will see all sorts of helpful paraphernalia that teaches about understanding sexual risk The truth about Sexually Transmitted Disease is that there will always be a low percentage of infection transmission if you engage in careful sex with a person who is a potential carrier of the disease. The object of modifying sexual behavior is to run on that low risk bracket because you can never be too sure if the person you are having sex with has a sexually transmitted disease, as some STD’s are asymptomatic but at least in doing so, you can decrease your number of visits to an STD clinic. However, it is still advisable that you still go every now and then just to be sure that you have not been infected.

If you decide that an active sexual lifestyle is your preferential norm then you must come to terms with having STD testing as a normal phase in your life. HIV and other STD risks are of course considerably higher but an STD testing center will become your best bet to avoid these diseases. Being sexually active should not be a death sentence, even if you engage in multiple sex partners. It just means that you have to understand your boundaries and always seek professional help from STD testing centers.