Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers – Keeping Your Hands Germ Free

It is really surprising that our hands can acquire over 10 million microorganisms daily. By killing most of them with the help of hand sanitizers will surely prevent illnesses and deceases.

Before, many surgeons perform surgery without even washing their hands, that’s why the death rate due to infection was very high during those times. Major communicable deceases spread from one person to another without even realizing it. Therefore, it is required by law that all medical personnel and food handlers to wash their hands with soap and water before working and after visiting the bathroom.

It is recommended to wash hands with soap and water most of the time. Surgeons wash their hands with antibacterial soap and water before putting their gloves on. It simply shows the importance of hand cleaning, most especially when gloves are punctured. However, when it happens, it’s good to know that your hands and your health are still protected.

Your traditional hand sanitizer normally contains alcohol which destroys germs even the good bacteria. It contains alcohol substance of at least 65{f19aa3268e0de58f68955454d58a1a58d35e804fdb04b2f57dd6dc7aad4ec259} that considerably kills almost 99.9{f19aa3268e0de58f68955454d58a1a58d35e804fdb04b2f57dd6dc7aad4ec259} of all types of viruses and bacteria. However, there some facts reveal that killing 99.9{f19aa3268e0de58f68955454d58a1a58d35e804fdb04b2f57dd6dc7aad4ec259} of germs is not considerably healthy. This is because not all germs are harmful to human body. Resistant flora is the good bacteria found in our intestinal tracts and skin that control and protects us from bad bacteria. In addition, alcohol based sanitizers content makes the skin dry and easily penetrated by germs and bacteria therefore your skin is more prone to infection.

Nevertheless, it is ideal to protect your kids with The Germinator foaming hand sanitizer. This is the foaming hand sanitizer organic products from Babyganics. It prevents the risk of poisoning, especially when your kid puts his hands on his mouth. This is because foaming hand sanitizer dries faster compared to the traditional alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

Organic products from Babyganics are specifically formulated to effectively disinfect your kid’s hands and protect him from harmful bacteria while leaving the skin healthy and soft.