A Drinking Addiction Follows on From Alcohol Abuse

A drinking addiction can occur quite easily from the abuse of alcohol. One in 5 American college students abuse alcohol regularly. This can range from binge drinking to drinking games. Once a person feels as though they cannot enjoy themselves without an alcoholic drink, the habit can spiral out of control.

We all remember watching movies when the male actor awakes to find somebody in his bed that he hasn’t ever seen before. The person beside him would be a beautiful young girl that he had come home with the night before. These are the types of scenarios that can occur from drinking too much the night before.

Feeling guilty and embarrassed are not unfamiliar emotions to the person who has a drinking problem. They can and do regularly embarrass themselves in front of friends, family and people they don’t know. They can earn a reputation as people describe them as ‘liking a sherbet’.

Their work can suffer, whether it is at college or their career. Either they don’t want to go in, or they feel terrible the next day with a horrific hangover that will not allow their brain to function enough to do any meaningful and worthwhile output.

Depression is a common complaint of those suffering from the effects of the night before. Alcohol is a depressant and it depresses the nervous system. This can show the next day when the drinker feels embarrassed by their behaviour and has the depressing effects of alcohol in addition.

The liver, that should be of similar flexibility to something like a manta ray, turns stiff and wooden to something that resembles a wooden bat complete with “knots” where cirrhosis has set in.